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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a second reading for a Consumers Energy Company Gas and/or Electric Franchise Ordinance request and consideration for adoption will take place at the Bridgeport Township Board Public Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 1, 2019, commencing at 6:00 p.m. at the Governmental Center, 6740 Dixie Highway within the Township.

The second reading is to consider an ordinance, granting to Consumers Energy Company, its successors and assigns, the right and authority to lay, maintain and commercially operate gas lines and facilities including but not limited to mains, pipes, services and valves and to construct, maintain and commercially use electric lines and related facilities including but not limited to towers, masts, poles, crossarms, guys, wires and transformers on, under, along, and across public places including but not limited to highways, streets, alleys, bridges, and waterways, and to conduct a local gas and/or electric business in the Charter Township of Bridgeport, Saginaw County, Michigan, for a period of thirty years.

The full ordinance can be viewed at the clerk’s office during normal business hours or on our website at

Written comments concerning the proposed ordinance request will be accepted prior to or at the meeting. Mail comments to the Bridgeport Charter Township Clerk, 6740 Dixie Hwy., Bridgeport, MI. 48722. Public comments will be allowed at the meeting.