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A wholly owned subsidiary of the Davey Tree Expert Company, Davey Resource Group, Inc. provides a wide range of natural resource, utility, GIS and remote sensing consulting services as well as management software to commercial, residential, municipal, government, and utility markets.

Throughout the years, Davey has been synonymous with environmental awareness and stewardship. We comply with all federal, state and local environmental regulations, and our policies are based on responsible, science-based actions. We hold ourselves accountable to managing our impacts on the environment, and help our clients do the same.

DRG field employees will be conducting circuit-map verification, which entails our employees stopping at all utility poles for a short period of time to log information, tag each pole with a unique ID number, and may require us to check property meters. We also will be verifying the underground electrical infrastructure which may require us to be in an access area with our DRG trucks for a longer period of time. We will only be collecting and updating electrical infrastructure information and are not involved in tree removal or tree trimming.
The Verification project intends to increase the mapping information that Consumers Energy has on the electrical grid throughout Michigan to the highest level of accuracy. Using geo-mapping equipment, DRG fielders walk throughout Michigan communities to account for the various electrical equipment on the utility pole and underground infrastructure. DRG is working with CE in order to provide continued high quality electric service.

The Verification field team is split in different groups handling several Michigan communities at any given time. A DRG field member can be present in a community between 1 - 3 months based on the complexity of the electrical grid, weather conditions, and size of the area he or she is mapping. A Michigan community outreach project has been created to support DRG and Consumer Energy’s team members in this project through creating open communication and a deeper relationship with Michigan communities. DRG field members will never collect any personal information.

Our promise to your community is to stay in the right-of-way as much as possible and to inform members of the community when we will be working on that area’s electrical grid. DRG employees will possess a letter of authority and can be identified through our neon vests, DRG trucks, and ID badge.