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The end of 2020 saw the well-deserved retirement of Township Manager Rose Licht following 29 years of exemplary public service to this community, including the last 12 years as Township Manager. In October the Township hired Adrianna Jordan as its new Township Manager. Manager Jordan has worked for the past 16 years in the field of municipal planning and zoning, including serving for the last 3 ½ years as the City of Inkster Planning Director. Over the next year Manager Jordan looks forward to working with the community on the development of the new Township Hall, strengthening the relationship with the Bridgeport-Spaulding School District, and maintaining the Township’s high-quality customer service while accounting for necessary COVID-19 safety precautions.


Drop boxes are available in the front of the Governmental Center Building for payments without leaving your vehicle and/or after hours. To receive a receipt for your payment please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please NO CASH IN THE DROP BOX. Payments may be made online at Service fees apply. Winter taxes are due by February 16, 2021. Interest and penalties will be applied on February 17, 2020 and the Township will collect taxes here through March 1, 2021. Saginaw County Treasurer collects delinquent taxes after March 2nd at their office at 111 S. Michigan, Saginaw, MI 48602. After March 2nd contact the Saginaw County Treasurer at 989-790-5225.


Bridgeport Charter Township has continued to provide the community with a cost-effective treatment of the sanitary sewers that will minimize service interruptions through effective maintenance, budgeting, equipment replacement, and capital improvement planning. Currently for the 2020-year, relocation and construction of the Dixie Hwy pump station project is under way with a planned start-up date for middle to late November. Once all pump station controls are approved as functional and operational the demolition of the existing 62-year-old station will take place early December. Final completion of the project will be early spring 2021, and includes parking lot and driveway restoration, grading and seeding.


Property lines tend to be a touchy subject amongst neighbors at times. To be able to determine exactly where your property lines are, consider having your property surveyed. While it is somewhat costly, you have the peace of mind about what you own. Fences require zoning permits to be built and are allowed to be directly on your property line, as long as you- the homeowner- knows exactly where it is. If you estimate what you think is the property line and your neighbor disagrees with it, this could possibly end up in court because these types of disputes are civil matters. Some survey companies offer a “one-line survey” for things such as a privacy fence on the side of your house, rather than an entire property survey. These are often much more affordable.


Committed to protecting the community through professionalism, integrity, and excellence in service, the Bridgeport Township Police Department serves the residents of Bridgeport and has the following staff: The Chief of Police (David Duffett), 2 Patrol Sergeants (Jeff Roberts and Erik Skabardis), 5 Patrol Officers (Dennis Howe, , Daniel Hernandez, Todd Brow, Jordan Ellingwood, Nathan Hoover, and Alyssa McLaughlin), and 1 Clerk/Dispatcher (Lisa Roth). We are currently in the hiring process of filling 1 vacant Police Officer positions. We handled 7,472 calls for service in 2019. Our Officers are highly trained having multiple in-service certifications.


There have been several situations where the homeowner obtains the permit and hires an unlicensed person to perform the work under the permit. When a homeowner signs the permit, the homeowner declares they are performing the work and are responsible for the work. As the permit holder they are required to correct all code violations, call for inspections, ensure access for inspections, and are liable for injuries of the unlicensed person which could lead to lawsuits. It is unlawful for a homeowner to obtain a permit and hire an unlicensed person to perform the work. If a person is licensed by the State of Michigan, they must obtain the permit and perform the work. Always verify that the person is licensed by the State of Michigan and that they have secured a permit for the work they were hired to perform. This link will help verify a licensee:


The Parks & Recreation Department continues to grow and expand to offer a broad range of programs and services to our community. Please follow us on Facebook and check out our website at The COVID-19 Pandemic has created unprecedented difficulties for our programing . We look forward to a new year and tackling the challenges that we face head on.


The DDA is currently working to entice new businesses to locate here in Bridgeport, especially those that complement our Township. Hopefully spurring new economic development, the Dixie Highway project has begun and should be completed over the next year and half. The DDA has also continued to promote Bridgeport businesses and has positioned itself to help businesses within the DDA District. We have awarded a grant to Big Boy of Bridgeport to help with the reconfiguration of their outdoor seating. The purchase of Rolling Hills Development will allow the DDA to facilitate new developments. The DDA has also been able to do needed repairs to the Historic Bridge along with a lighting project that would really highlight our bridge. The DDA Board is committed to helping the Businesses of Bridgeport all prosper.


The water department offers paperless water bills, if you would like to take advantage of this service please call 989-777-0974 with your email address. Did you know you can sign up for automatic bill pay (ACH)? Did you know you can pay your water bill online? Go to our website at . The following locations are scheduled for sidewalk inspections in 2021: 4200-5480 Dixie Hwy, 2200-3070 King Road, 3020-3345 Linger, Meadowview, Meadowdale, Apple, Broadway, California, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Olive, Orange, Peach, Pear and Plum. Defective sidewalks are required to be repaired or replaced at the property owners’ expense.


The Bridgeport fire department ended 2019 breaking a record with 1,291 calls for service. We are on pace to respond to 1,100 plus for 2020. This year has been complicated by the current COVID-19 pandemic, but our men and women have answered the challenges thus far. Three citizens have lost their lives to fires in 2020. We cannot stress enough the importance of working smoke detectors in the home. Talk about safety plans with every member of the household and please practice those plans. Finally, our department is primarily dependent on “Paid on Call” firefighters that respond from home when the alarm sounds. Our number currently stands at 14 certified personnel and four more in training. We are always looking for more men and women willing to answer the call. If interested, please call 989 921-4834.

Assessor’s Office

The Assessor’s Office continues with their Real Property Reverification, where representatives of our office conduct field inspections that include taking measurements and photos of structures as well as review of aerial photography provided by Saginaw County. Areas that are planned for reverification will receive letters from the Assessor’s office in the weeks ahead of the field staff beginning work in their area. Bridgeport Charter Township complies with the City, Village, and Township Revenue Sharing (CVTRS) Program and has the required information available on our website at for public viewing.