Police Department - Public Service Announcement

We are still receiving numerous reports on phone scams where people claim to be from the IRS demanding you send them money or there will be a warrant out for your arrest. The numbers these subjects come from are often untraceable or traced out of the country.

We have seen a new twist on this where the subject requests you call an 888 area code number back. When you call the number it will lead you through an automated system, but eventually you speak with a subject also requesting you wire money or they will cut your power off or get an arrest warrant for you.

Please remember to NEVER give personal information out to anyone who calls you on the phone and DO NOT SEND MONEY to anyone over a phone request. Obtain their information and contact them through a phone number you obtain from a legitimate source, (for example a bill or the back of your credit card).

Call the Bridgeport Township Police Department at 777-2800 Monday – Friday 9am-5pm or Saginaw County Central Dispatch 797-4580 to request an Officer outside of these times for any questions or concerns.

We are here to help you and welcome any questions or concerns.

Thank you for helping us to help keep OUR community safe and secure.