Consumers Energy will be conducting required safety tests on the Saginaw Trail Pipeline natural gas project

Safety is our top priority at Consumers Energy. We’re committed to protecting our customers, employees and the environment as we deliver the energy Michigan needs.

That’s why we’re planning to conduct required safety tests on the Saginaw Trail Pipeline natural gas project.

The hydrostatic test, an industry best practice, will help us verify the new, 24-inch pipeline can operate at a safe pressure. We’ll assess the new 18.5-mile stretch of pipeline in two phases (see enclosed map):

  • From Sept. 15-27, we plan to test the 14-mile section of pipeline from the Clio city gates to the Bridgeport city gates.
  • From Oct. 10-20, we plan to test the 4.5-mile section of pipeline from the Bridgeport city gates to Evon Road.

Here’s what to expect:

  • The test involves filling the new pipeline with water and slowly pressurizing it.
  • No natural gas will be in the pipeline, and no digging or excavation is usually required.
  • This testing should not impact you in any way. We do ask you to stay off the right-of-way during testing.
  • Water used for the test is taken from local ponds and emptied into a discharge structure, where it’s filtered according to environmental best practices before entering the ground.
  • Please watch for Consumers Energy employees and our contactors working along the right-of-way to perform the test.

Thank you for your patience as we work to adhere to the highest standards of safe operations.

If you have questions about the safety test, please call 989-723-9755. To learn more about the Saginaw Trail Pipeline project, visit Damien Wetzel Project Manager, Saginaw Trail Pipeline Phase One

STPL Hydrostatic Testing