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Welcome to the Bridgeport Fire Department Fun Page!



This page is full of fun, educational and interactive activities for all ages. Kids, parents and teachers alike will find many useful tools to learn more about fire safety.

Click the links below to travel to these great safety sites.


Check out this site called "Sparky's Hazard House"

This site contains many activities for children and adults. Find information about home safety, smoke detectors and much more. Kids can even take a quiz at the end and print a certificate!


Did you know that the Bridgeport Fire Department has a Sparky Hazard House just like this one? We were fortunate to recieve such a tool with a fire prevention grant. This miniture house allows for interactive displays for the classroom, open houses and fairs. Watch for it at future events or if you have an event coming up ask to schedule the display.


SparkytheFire Dog has his own website at


Kids can learn about fire safety, how Sparky became a fire dog, how fire trucks work and much more!

Parents and teachers can click on the "Parents" sign and find additional safety resourses to use at home and in the classroom


Liberty Mutual created this website with video presentations and activities for all ages. Kids, parents, teachers and even fire fighters will find many fun and interesting activities. Click on



Check out these cool sites!

This is a special page provided by FEMA. There are several learning activities for children and parents to participate in .

This is another great educational site with many activities for children and parents. -

Are you a school teacher or administrator? This link will provide you with a large amount of educational tools to aid in teaching children about emergency preparedness. This site is also valuable for parents and students to use outside the classroom. -

Want a Jr. Fire Marshal in the house? This is the USFA kids’ site with many valuable activities. Your child can complete activities and print out a special certificate. -