What is needed at our Fire Station

Our fire station was built in 1972 and is in need of repair and updating. We have had the building assessed by contractors and a professional engineering firm. The following list provides some information on known issues and is not all inclusive:

  • There are issues with the exterior brick and mortar that must be taken care of.
  • Our hose tower (the tall portion of the building) has structural problems requiring it to be taken down to the height of the fire station roof.
  • The floor in our vehicle area is original. It is deteriorating and needs to be resurfaced.
  • Our boiler system is original and oversized for the building. The heating system is inefficient and costly, as is our air conditioning.
  • Our electrical system is inadequate and our building generator too small to fully operate our building during an extended power outage or disaster.
  • We have inadequate storage for spare equipment and materials.
  • The front wall of the station is separating from the second story wall. Steps need to be taken to prevent this problem from worsening.
  • There are large gaps between our windows and brick. Although we routinely caulk these areas, we are at a point of needing to have new windows installed properly.
  • Lighting in the station is not adequate and is inefficient.
  • Our floor drains are in need of repair. The grates that cover these drains are original and in need of replacement.

To completely renovate our fire station to address all known issues and bring it up to code, will cost an estimated $700,000.