What is needed with our Equipment

The equipment our Fire Fighters use to perform their duties is aging. The following is information on the most critical equipment they use. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive.

  • The air packs we wear were purchased through a grant we received in 2003.
  • One air pack consists of a frame, air bottle, and mask. Each unit also has a spare air bottle.
  • Each fire fighter has his/her own mask that is fitted to them per OSHA standards.
  • Many of our masks are showing significant wear and will require replacement. A single mask is approximately $1,000.
  • The air bottles have a 15 year life. They will need to be replaced by 2018 at an estimated cost of $60,000.
  • As vehicle technology evolves, our Jaws of Life equipment will need to be updated to facilitate extricating people trapped in vehicle crashes.
  • Some of our fire hose is 20 years old. We need to replace this older worn hose before it fails on a fire scene.

We estimate we will need $332,000 over the next ten years to refurbish or replace the equipment fire fighters need to perform their duties.