Why is it important to raise this money for Police

At our current lower staffing level, there are occasionally times when no Bridgeport Township Police Officer is on duty due to Officers being off for training, vacations or illness. The addition of 2 officers would enable us to achieve and maintain 24/7 coverage.

Our call volume continues to increase. In 2011, our Officers responded to 7,240 calls. In 2012, our Officers responded to 6,807 calls. In 2013, our Officers responded to 8,159 calls. This year we are on pace to respond to approximately 8,800 calls.

The increase in the number of calls forces our Police Officers to continue to be reactive and makes it more difficult to be proactive in trying to prevent crime to make OUR Community safer.

By bringing back 2 full time positions, the Police Department’s intention would be to reinstate popular Community Policing programs such as Neighborhood Watch and Bike Patrol. This would also allow us to focus more on criminal investigations and evidence processing to assist in better crime investigation and successful prosecution.

For further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (989) 777-2800 for any questions or concerns.