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Bridgeport Charter Township is hosting a short, community-wide survey about funding the proposed new township hall/fire station/police station, as well as a proposed indoor sports facility. All responses will be kept private and anonymous.

You can take the survey three ways....

  • Online at:
  • By Phone: Call us at 989-777-0940 x 0 We’ll read you the questions.
  • By Mail: Call us at 989-777-0940 x 0
    We’ll send it to you to fill out and return at no cost. Or pick up a copy from the Bridgeport Governmental Center at 6740 Dixie Highway.

Proposed Renderings

BPTOwLogo MGrey Rendering Bridgeport Charter Township Shared Services Building First Floor Master Plan May 14 Model Second Floor Master Plan May 14 Model

Proposed Township Hall

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Proposed Township Floor Plan

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Proposed Indoor Sports Complex - First Floor

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Proposed Indoor Sports Complex - Second Floor

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Frequently Asked Question:

Q1. Why don’t we stay in and renovate the former Pentecostal Church that serves as the temporary home of the Bridgeport Governmental Center? Isn’t it cheaper?
A1. Based on the original project budgets from 2019 the cost to stay in and renovate the former church site was $12,242,418, and the cost to build at the site of the former Huntington Bank building was $11,040,182. This means it was $1,202,236 less expensive to build new than to renovate. As of this year, based on cost-cutting revisions to our site plans that eliminated redundant or unnecessary spaces in the proposed Township Hall the new construction cost estimate is $7,272,292 or almost $5 million less than it costs to renovate the existing church. There are various reasons that it costs more to renovate than to build new, but some of those reasons include bringing the church up to ADA compliance, having to completely re-program the interior spaces, and having to build an addition onto the church to accommodate the Township’s staff and activities. For example, the Police Department has no meeting space, place to store their vehicles out of the elements, or wash bay for their vehicles. Additionally, having our Police and Fire departments operating out of the former church on the south end of the Township pulls them away from the Township’s population center which increases the time it takes to respond to emergencies, and can potentially drive up the Township’s insurance costs which are paid through taxes.

Q2. What’s wrong with our current Fire Station? Why do we need a new one?
A2. The Fire Station was built in the flood plain in 1972, and was inundated with water during the flood of 1986. This puts the Township’s public safety officials at risk of not being able to respond to flood emergencies because they themselves may be in a flood emergency. Further, the station has never been renovated and its facilities are almost 50 years old. For instance, the bathrooms are not ADA compliant and do not provide shower facilities for firefighters to use for decontamination following fire calls. Over the past 50 years, fire equipment including fire trucks have gotten larger and take up more space. The current station and its berths were not built to accommodate the size and amount of modern fire equipment housed by the Fire Department. We would also like to have all three Township divisions (Administrative, Police, and Fire) housed within the same complex to streamline our operations.