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The information below identifies firearm(s) confiscated by the Bridgeport Township Police Department (BTPD) pursuant to MCL 28.434 and MCL 750.239.

If you are claiming ownership of any firearm(s) listed, please write or call within thirty (30) days of the date of public notice. In addition to your ownership claim, you must be authorized to possess firearms.

If no valid ownership claim is received by BTPD within thirty (30) days of the date of public notice, the firearm(s) listed below will be disposed of.

Contact information is listed below:
Bridgeport Township Police Department

6206 Dixie Hwy
Bridgeport, MI 48722


Make Caliber Type Serial Number Incident Number
Davis Industries .380 P-380 AP445639 16-1369
Amadeo Rossi .38 38 Special AA502745 20-0325
HI-Point .9mm C9 P1715994 21-0033
Ruger .9mm LC9 325-70373 21-0819
Hi-Point .9mm C9 P1440000 21-0915
Smith & Wesson .9mm Springfield NFK4016 21-1039
Taurus .9mm G3C ABL198729 22-0061
High Standard .22 cal Sentinel /Revolver S14997 22-0240
Glock .9mm 19 BUBH818 22-0437