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squad 5How are site inspections conducted?

The Bridgeport Fire Department sends out a fire inspection letter that states the date and time of your facilities inspection. The inspection letters are sent out a minimum of two weeks in advance. The two weeks allows you time to get all the documentation in order or possibly re-schedule because you’re not available on that day. We recommend that a facility representative accompany the fire inspector during the fire inspection.

Upon arrival, the fire inspector would look over all the fire protection documents you have on file. We will then conduct a walk-thru of the facility to check for possible fire code violations. If violations are found, the fire inspector will note the violations and send you a letter explaining the violations discovered during the inspection. The letter will also have a date and time for re-inspection if needed. If no violations are found, you will receive a letter stating that your facility is fire code compliant. The Bridgeport Fire Department does not conduct “surprise” inspections unless an issue is brought to our attention that is considered an immediate danger to life and health.