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stationphotos033What is the process for a Plan Review?

When you have an idea for a project you will need a copy of the plan review requirements for your designer/ architect. Copies of the plan review requirements are available at under the Application, Forms & Permits link, or at the Bridgeport Charter Township Building Department. The plan review requirement documents have the information you will need for your drawings. This will help to ensure your drawings will be accepted and the plan review can be completed.

All plans shall be delivered to the Bridgeport Charter Township Building Department. Once the plans have been accepted, the plans will be given to each inspector and plan reviewer that will be involved with the project. All plan reviews will be conducted within ten (10) business days from the date stamped on the drawings by the building department representative. The Bridgeport Fire Department only conducts plan reviews for commercial and multi-family occupancies at this time.

How is the Plan Review conducted?

Once the drawings are received, the fire code plan reviewer will examine the drawings to verify that all fire code requirements are met. We are checking details about fire department access for apparatus and personnel, building egress, occupant load, automatic fire suppression and alarm systems, hydrant locations, etc. A building permit shall not be issued until the plan review is completed. Once the plan review is conducted the fire code plan reviewer will submit to the building inspector stating the approval or disapproval of the plans submitted. The fire code plan review letter will state the reason or reasons for disapproval. If you or your designer/ architect have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (989) 777-2400 ext.238.