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Engine 9Does the fire inspector conduct “surprise” inspections?

Bridgeport Fire Department schedules all normal fire inspection and we are willing to work with your schedules. However, “Surprise” inspections do occur in the event that a complaint is mailed or called into Bridgeport Charter Township. There are times that occupants, employees and citizens believe that there is a safety issue with a facility. Once the complaint has been submitted, the fire inspector will go to the facility and notify the management of the complaint. The fire inspector will then conduct a walk-thru to investigate the complaint. Most often, the complaint is unfounded and the inspector will leave the facility. If a violation is found, depending on the severity, the facility representative will be required to address the fire code violation immediately. Citations can be issued if the violation is severe or the business fails to comply with the fire code. If a violation is an immediate danger to life and safety, the fire code gives the fire department the authority to shut down the operations of the business until the violation is remedied. If needed, the Bridgeport Fire Department will shut down a facility to protect the occupants and community from a life safety hazard. “Surprise” inspections are rare in this community but they do occur from time to time. The Bridgeport Fire Department has not had to shutdown a facility to date.