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Lee Carpenter

Lee Carpenter

I came to Bridgeport at two years old when my parents moved here after my father’s enlistment in the Navy ended in San Diego, California. My wife was born and raised here and as high school sweethearts we married right after graduation. We raised a son and daughter here and they graduated from Bridgeport High School. They both married and have given us seven grandchildren that are the light of our lives.

After fifteen years at GM Grey Iron Foundry as a Maintenance Supervisor I left in 1983 and started Carpenter’s Cabinets in Bridgeport. When our local attorney approached me about joining the Bridgeport Chamber in 1984, that led to an involvement that included many years on the Chamber Board and two years as President. Employing students from BHS gave me some very fine workers and one of those ended up buying the business in 1997. When my daughter was playing softball at BHS, two other fathers and I built the two softball fields with a lot of help from the community which lead me to getting involved with the Athletic Assoc. and became President just as my father was in the mid 60’s.

I was voted in as a trustee on the Township Board in 1988 and appointed Township Clerk in January 1994 just before an election with the new voting computers. This led to a position of seeing the inner workings of the township government and the discussions of concerns about both residents and business owners. I spent many years as the Township Clerk and when I was not re-elected in 2008, I concentrated on renovating ball field’s all over Michigan. Disability retirement came in 2015 which left me with free time so when the Clerk’s position became open again in the spring of this year, I applied and was appointed on April 2, 2019.

I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in this community after all these years and hope to be involved in the changes for a better future. Bridgeport is a great community to live in, to do business in, and to have a business in, and I hope to make it a better place for all our residents and visitors. We need to work with our school system and guide these students into being great adults because they are our future. I would like to expose the students to the election system in preparation for the 2020 election and look forward to being involved with running the election.


 Thomas Welsh, Deputy Clerk

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