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propane trainingThe Bridgeport Fire Department provides a full range of services to our community. These services are provided by a highly trained and competent combination of full-time and on-call fire fighters. Services are provided out of a single centrally located fire station. Protection is provided to our 36 square mile township and 12 miles of I-75. We also provide and receive mutual aid from our bordering communities. Services include:

  • Fire Suppression - We operate a modern fleet of emergency apparatus . Three of the units meet NFPA requirements for a Class A pumper and two of these same units are also classified as aerial devices giving us a very capable suppression and rescue capability. We also operate one of a very small number of Heavy Rescue/ Air/ Light units in the region.
  • Medical First Response- We provide non-transport EMS support to our area’s single advanced life support (ALS) ambulance service. The ALS provider will dispatch our department for only the highest priority medical emergencies and other situations to which they require our assistance. Through this dispatch process fire department resourses are not sent to calls that may be a non- life threatening nature or can be handled by the ambulance crew alone. This process is meant to insure that our citizens get prompt response when it matters most and minimize the resource burden of the department.
  • Hazardous Materials Response– Seventy five percent of our department personnel are trained to the level of Hazardous Material Technician/Specialist. We are equipped for rapid rescue and decontamination during chemical emergencies. We also possess advanced detection capabilities for various types of incidents. During a major incident we work as part of the Saginaw County Hazmat Team. We also have a response partnership with Young’s Environmental Services. We will work to accommodate the services of any environmental company that a business or carrier may have on retainer.
  • Ice/Water Rescue –Our department is equipped and trained to utilize specialized suits and equipment to perform rescues of victims in icy waters. All members of our department are required to become certified as an Ice Rescue Technician. The Bridgeport Fire Department is equipped with a 14 ft. rescue boat that would be manned with specially trained water rescue technicians. The Saginaw County Dive Team is also called in to assist in any water rescue event.
  • Technical Rescue – The Bridgeport Fire Department will support operations concerning confined space, trench, collapse and high angle rescue emergencies. We have mutual aid agreements with the Saginaw County Special Rescue Team and Young’s Environmental Services to provide technicians for such emergencies.
  • Public Education –All three day time personnel and several of our on-call fire fighters are certified instructors in various fields. In addition to providing general safety education programs, we are able to train business and community members in CPR, First Aid and in the use of an Automatic External Defibulator (AED) through the American Heart Association. We also provide fire extinguisher training and emergency/disaster planning.
  • Code Enforcement, Plan Review and Inspections- Our daytime staff is State and NFPA certified to Inspector II and Plan Reviewer levels. We provide annual facility inspections, construction site reviews and general enforcement of our fire code ordinances. State regulated facilities will have to contact the local office of the Michigan State Fire Marshall. See our codes section for details on our current fire code ordinances and how you can have your code questions addressed.