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A REMINDER on GIS Mapping: The images provided by SAGA on this site are meant for informational reference purposes only. When looking at the information on the map, there can be up to a 10 foot margin of error in relation to where the parcel lines are shown on the map and how the aerial photography is displayed under the parcel layer on the maps.

The only certain way to know where your legal property lines are located is to have a survey done by a licensed surveyor/engineer, as Bridgeport Township and the Saginaw Area GIS Authority ARE NOT licensed to survey properties and have no capabilities to do so.

If you have recently had a survey done on your property which reflects any differences from what the map shows, you may submit the survey to the Bridgeport Township Assessor’s office. They will then review the survey and forward the information on to Saginaw County for a correction of the map.

Again, the information on the SAGAGIS site is meant for informational reference purposes only and is not guaranteed.

Since its formation in 2004 the Saginaw Area GIS Authority (SAGA), has continued to improve and enhance the County-wide mapping system and the services they provide to their members.
Membership includes; thirty-five Saginaw County municipalities, the Saginaw County Road Commission, and Saginaw County 91.

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computerized mapping system that also contains a large database of information about areas mapped by the system. Some examples include parcel ownership, aerial photography, FEMA floodplains, and soils.

SAGA would like to remind citizens of the availability of our interactive GIS & Property Search Map Viewer (FETCH), for all of your property and mapping information needs.

The FETCH Viewer was launched on February, 13th 2017. The link for the viewer is here: Interactive Mapping that includes parcel lines, aerial photography, terrain, and many other map layers are included in the map viewer.

Primary Mapping Tools

  1. A Parcel Search Tool (magnifying glass) that allows a search by parcel number, owner name, or address. Parcel ownership, assessment values, building information, sales history and taxes are displayed.
  2. A Generate Report tool that creates a report of a parcel that includes a map, and all of the information available for a particular property.
  3. A Print Map Tool that will print a map of the current parcel selected, or export the map in pdf format.
  4. A Buffer Tool that allows properties to be selected within a given radius of a parcel for notification purposes. The parcel ownership within this radius can be generated into a spreadsheet, or a pdf label page.
  5. A Swipe Tool, that allows the user to swipe between two different years of aerial photography to see the land use/cover change.

The user is able to hover over a parcel highlighting its boundary, and a label automatically pops up displaying the parcel number. Clicking a parcel brings up a label with the ownership and address information. Then by clicking the “Show details” link, all of the information available for the parcel is displayed. The transition between the map and the parcel information is seamless.

SAGA will continue to improve the viewer by adding more information, tools, and map layers going forward.

FETCH Map Viewer Link:

SAGA Home Page: