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We are going to lift the burn ban effective as of 9:00 am this morning. While conditions will be ok today and later this week there is increased risk predicted for tomorrow. We ask that all caution be taken and do not leave the fire unattended.

Due to current conditions the Bridgeport Fire Department is placing a full ban on all outdoor open burns to include bonfires/campfires. All permits are suspended and previously granted permits are considered void. This ban will remain in place until further notice. The forecast of precipitation for later this week will likely not be enough to lift the band.

If forecasted rain does materialize over the next few days, we may possibly lift the current burn ban on Monday, March 29th. According to sources that assign fire danger ratings, our region is still rated as "high" as of Thursday, March 25th. The ground vegetation simply needs more time to absorb moisture and to "green up" if you will. If we find vegetation conditions are more favorable come Monday we will then reopen burn permit process. Thank you for your cooperation."

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